Markdale Fall Fair - Supporting Agriculture Since 1858 Markdale Fall Fair - Supporting Agriculture Since 1858 Markdale Fall Fair - Supporting Agriculture Since 1858 Markdale Fall Fair - Supporting Agriculture Since 1858
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Our History and Heritage

President's Message

Author Robert Fulghum once penned the words to a poem “Everything I need to know I learned in kindergarten”. It speaks to the truths of the little things that meant so much in our youth. Looking back there is always so much we have taken for granted.

Celebrating 160 years in agriculture is no small feat and there is so much we have learned from those who came before us. 160 years ago we were not the Markdale Agricultural Society, but our beginnings have come from the famed Gleneg Rural Fair. Over time there has been an evolution of change but the foundation has never changed. We continue to celebrate the success of our community in everything from the front yard to the barn yard.

Markdale continues to boast one of the largest indoor exhibits in Grey County and nearly all of District 10.

We have so much to offer in our community that continues to strengthen and showcase its rural roots.

Robert Fulghum also wrote, ‘Thanks is a very big word’. This will always be true and the Markdale Fair will always be grateful to the tireless hours given of exhibitors, volunteers and spectators.

We are in an age where the rural fairs struggle. We have managed to sustain a place in our community that remains a tradition for those that remember, and will hopefully become a tradition for those yet to experience it.

Join us in celebrating 160 years of traditions and memories at the Markdale Fall Fair!


Craig Martin,


Senior Ambassador's Message


Being able to represent my hometown as the Markdale Fall Fair Senior Ambassador has been a truly amazing experience.

My jobs as the 2017/2018 Markdale Fall Fair Ambassador started immediately as I started handing out ribbons and prizes the next day at the cattle show, horse show, and baby show with the Junior Ambassador Sidney!

The Markdale Fall Fair shows a true sense of community and it was amazing to view it from a different perspective.

Throughout the year there were many events I had the opportunity to attending including the Markdale Santa Claus Parade, multiple Trivia Nights, and two district 10 meetings. I am truly looking forward to participating the in the Ontario Miss Mid West Pageant in July.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Markdale Agricultural Society for their support for during the past year as Fair Ambassador and all the other people who made it possible such as sponsors and mentors.

Best of luck to all the future Ambassadors and I hope to continue to see everyone at the fair over the years!

Hayley Barlow

2017/2018 Markdale Fall Fair Senior Ambassador

Junior Ambassador's Message

My name is Sidney Sicard and I am the Markdale Fall Fair Junior Amabassador 2017/2018.

I had so much fun representing our community!

At the District 10 meeting, Hayley and I did some cool art and went ice skating. This was our first time meeting the other area Ambassadors and we had lots of fun.

I am very excited to go to the Ontario Little Miss Princess competition in Mildmay this July.

During my spare time this year I also participated in the Hopeville/Swinton Park Life Skills Maple Syrup Club, and I am also very excited to spend time with my calf in the Centre Grey 4-H Beef Club.

If I had to explain how much work and effort goes into planning and putting together this Fair you would be reading this for hours! I want to wish all of the Junior Ambassador contestants lots of luck this year, and thanks to everyone for their encouragement and support.

Sidney Sicard

2017/2018 Markdale Fall Fair Junior Ambassador


Help us build community - volunteer with the Markdale Agricultural Society.

Variety of opportunities for all ages - help us out with:

- Community programs (Poultry for Profit; Good Food Box; Bake Sales; special events)

- children's programming at the fair

- livestock and pet show coordination

- vendor registrations and fair site maintenance

- entry computer database and membership records

- stage management and VIP hospitality

Bring your enthusiasm and ideas!!



Markdale Fall Fair
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